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July 2015
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THE VEHICLE SITE. is wholly owned by The Vehicle Site Ltd with a UK Company registration number 07006508.

To continually provide a unique platform which allows users to share & exchange information, services, knowledge, buy & sell vehicles and vehicle related items. We aim to consistently provide digital exposure at a very reasonable cost. We're not here to make huge amounts of cash by charging excessive fees like many of our competitors....

Our mission is "to be the most used vehicle website in the UK market". In acheiving this we'll be focusing on meeting the needs of our users. Our competitors are continually trying to create a monopoly and then forcing both trade and private customers to pay high advertising costs. There are some specific car websites whose only objective is to consolidate their market share without considering what users actually want. aims to put that control back into your hands. The time to choose another digital platform has arrived!

Our Managing Director has always had a passion for vehicles. He felt there was a specific need for an alternative internet based site which not only offered affordable exposure but something which actually met the needs of  buyers and sellers. There was and still are too many sites out there charging excessive fees to advertise and those that are free just look so unprofessional.  

After extensive planning and consultations, the idea became reality. A special thank you to Michael Macneil and Darren Chowles.

The Vehicle Site was launched in 2012. This journey will continually change and evolve to meet the needs of you, our users. Whether it’s a one off sale or purchase you're looking to make or if you’re a trader with hundreds of vehicles for sale, TVS will provide that professional platform for you. We're not going to start charging high prices nor are we going to make huge amounts of profit. It's simple, we're here to provide you with an alternative choice, a better choice.

We're all going through very testing times at the moment and the road ahead is still unclear. Keeping our expenses in control is ever more important. 

We have a team of bespoke web developers, designers and programmers giving us the edge needed in this competitive market. All we ask of you is to try us, if you like us tell others. We'll be releasing updates over the coming months and if you have any ideas to make your visit more enjoyable please drop us an email ( We're always happy to hear from you.

Thank you all for your continued support!