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3p-a-litre fuel rise delay

by Charlotte Leuw from MyCarGossip

3p-a-litre fuel rise delay

Great news for drivers, the 3p-a-litre fuel duty rise that was planned to go ahead in January has been scrapped, George Osbourne has decided to cancel the new years fuel rise to help motorists. 

I am very happy about this news as I am always aware of how much petrol is, if a petrol station is only a couple of pence cheaper than another one down the road from me I will always go with the cheaper one even if it means driving a bit further. 

I read an article in the Daily Mail yesterday which shocked me, it explored a survey that was done by The RAC and FairFuelUK, the article found that one in 16 motorists were sleeping in their cars, it also discovered that three per cent of drivers have camped near work to save on filling up. Surely if people are struggling this much and are having to sleep in their cars outside their offices, this reason alone would emphasise the importance of delaying the fuel rise.

The fuel rise delay is great news in the run up to Christmas as many people won't have the 3p-a-litre rise at the back of their minds for the New Year. If the Chancellor had gone ahead with this rise it would have added an extra £2.53 to the cost of filling up a family car, apparently experts say that the fuel rise delay will save the average driver £7.69 a month.

Pollsters Populus interviewed 2,100 UK adults on behalf of consumer organisation Which? and found that 85% of motorists expressed concerns about rising fuel prices. Richard Lloyd the executive director of Which? explained that "rising fuel prices are the number one consumer worry and people are already saying they have to cut back and go into their savings to get by."

Hopefully in time the 1 in 16 motorists statistic will drop and people will not feel that they have to sleep in their cars to save money on petrol. I think this statistic is really upsetting, I find petrol extremely expensive but I don't struggle to the point that I have to camp outside my office and I wouldn't be happy knowing that someone in my family felt they had to do that to save money. 

I posted a link to this site in another blog I wrote but just in case you didn't see it then, this is an amazing website that shows you your nearest petrol stations and how much they charge so you can find the cheapest: 

There is also this website as well: 

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