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July 2015
Reminder Service
Reminder Service
Use our free Reminder Service to notify you of important dates before they occur!Find Out More
I've completed the registration page but not received my verification email ?
(Usually Hotmail related) Please check your junk mail. It's probably found it's way into that. If it's not there then please contact us and we can investigate further.

To allow messages from TVS to land in your inbox please log into your hotmail account and go to your Junk Mail folder, select the email from this website and click the not junk icon. This will then put all future messages from this site straight into your inbox and not your junk folder.
How long will my advert(s) stay live on the website ?
Whether the listing fee is free or not (apart from ads placed in the Service Index section) you're advert(s) will receive one months exposure on the website. However, as a promotional offer, the listing fee is currently free and you will be entitled to renew your same advert(s) for a further month for free!

Please note, all paid for feature advert(s) (apart from those in the Service Index section) will only be re-listed as a feature for a further month subject to the feature fee being paid again. During the promotional stage if you are renewing the same advert(s) without the feature then no fees are applicable and you can renew every month for free until your vehicle(s)/item(s) have sold!

Adverts placed in the Service Index section remain live on the site for one year. If you wish to renew it once it's expired you will have to pay the listing fee again. Listing renewals are not free. If you choose to add a feature this will also remain active for one year and once expired (and you wish to add it again) would require paying for again. Feature renewals are not free.
Is there a limit to the number of adverts I can place on the website ?
No, once you've registered you can use your personal account to place as many adverts as you like. There are no limits. We offer the same facility both to traders and private customers. However, please note, any abuse of this facility will result in your account being suspended and ultimately closed down.

Traders wishing to implement instant live updates to their fleet can do so by opting to have a direct feed set up with TVS. This option does away with losing time on advert processing/approval times and gets your adverts live instantly.
How do I use the live chat facility ?
This is only available once you have registered and logged into your account. Once you have logged in successfully you'll see the chat bar appear along the bottom of the page. You can then start using the live chat facility.

You can choose to change your listing(s) status between offline (red light) and online (green light) via MY ACCOUNT - "Listing(s) Status" This allows users to choose if they wish to be contacted to engage in a live chat via a third party clicking on any one of their listing(s). If you don't want users to click on any of your listing(s) and engage you in a live chat with them simply change the Listing(s) status to "Offline" This will globally change all your listings on the site to Offline so that no-one can commence a live chat with you via any of your listing(s).

Whether you set the Listing(s) Status to Offline or Online you still have independent use of the live chat facility as long as you are logged into your TVS account. This will allow you to communicate with other TVS and Facebook friends. Switching the Listing(s) status between Offline and Online only affects potential clients wanting to engage in a live chat with you via any of your listing(s)!
How much does it cost to advertise ?
As a promotional offer advertising across all TVS sections is free. However, if you want a feature advert then a small fee is charged per listing per month. To get started simply click the orange "Post an ad" button to the left.
Current Pricing summary
Current Pricing policy applicable:

All Vehicle sections: Listing Price is Nil, Featured ads are £5.00, ad duration is 1 month, renewals are free.

All Parts & Access sections: Listing Price is Nil, Featured ads are £5.00, ad duration is 1 month, renewals are free.

Service index sections: Listing Price is Nil, Featured ads are £59.99, ad duration is 1 year, pay for renewals.

Number Plates section : Listing Price is Nil, Featured ads are £5.00, ad duration is 1 month, renewals are free.

N.B All renewals are free (Except ads placed in the Service Index section). So if you've failed to get the price you was hoping for, simply log-in and renew it for a further month for Free!
How long does it take for my advert to go live on the website ?
All new or edited adverts should go live within a maximum of 24hrs. Normally we will process your advert within the hour but things do get busy so please be patient.

If your advert has not appeared on the website after 24hrs please email us and we'll see what's causing the delay.
I'm not receiving TVS listing recommendations or email enquiries from friends or clients?
(Usually Hotmail related) To allow messages from TVS to land in your inbox please log into your mail account and go to your Junk Mail folder, select the email from this website and click the not junk icon. This will then put all future messages from this site straight into your inbox and not your junk folder.
I cannot upload all my images when creating a new advert(s)?
If you are experiencing problems uploading images while creating adverts it will most likely be your internet connection. Remember your internet download speed is different to your upload speed.

If you are experiencing very slow upload speeds try to upload one or two images at a time and then go back to your advert and try adding more until you have uploaded them all. This will do the trick.
I want to start advertising on this website. How do I do this ?
Simply register (using the register link at the top of this page) and you'll then have access to your personal account.

I'm a trader and wish to list multiple vehicles via a feed. How do I do this?
We suggest all our users take full advantage of keeping track and placing adverts via their member account. You can create, edit, delete and monitor all your ads via your unique member account. There are no account limits via the members area. However, if you're a trader and wish to set up feed simply drop us an email at

We cater for both independent and franchise clients. Our fees are Guaranteed to be less than our major competitors. Monthly fees start from £49.99 pcm. Please contact us to receive a quote which is tailored specifically to your company's requirements.

We'll then set up the link, upload all your vehicles and update your stock instantly,daily,weekly or monthly.

Why wait? Drop us an email today:

I want to use your banner space to advertise.
If you wish to take advantage of our ad banner space(s) please feel free to email us at the following address
My listings/adverts show I'm ONLINE but I wish to change them to OFFLINE ?
Go to MY ACCOUNT and change between online and offline simply by clicking on the button "Listing(s) Status" which can be found to the upper right of that page. Selecting online/offline here will change all your listings on the TVS site. However, if you wish to change your chat status to online/offline then simply click on the "chat options" on the chat bar and change accordingly.
I have an idea and want to make a suggestion about the website ?
Great! We're always happy to hear from you. Your opinions do count and if there is something which you feel needs adding to the site send us an email via the contact screen and we will look into it!
I want to report some inappropriate activity. How do I do this ?
Please send us an email ( and we'll look into the matter immediately. Please note, we will need your full name and username details and the persons details whom you are reporting i.e username and/or full name and the specific nature of your concern including any dates. Once we have all this our team will look into the matter right away!
How do I register on the website ?
You will need to click on the red "REGISTER" button on the top right of the home screen and fill out a few simple questions. It only takes a couple of minutes and you're done!
How do I reactivate an Inactive-Deactivated by you or admin advert ?
If your advert(s) are showing "Inactive: De-activated by admin" we will have already sent you an email explaining why it was deactivated. If you did not receive this email please contact us.

If your advert(s) appear as "Inactive:De-activated by you" you will need to contact us giving exact reasons as to why you deactivated it in the first place. Please note, in the event of us reactivating your advert(s) you may lose exposure time.
I accidently deleted my advert(s) what should I do ?
You will have to re-list the item(s) deleted and pay the appropriate fees. Once deleted in your account it auto deletes on the TVS database too!
Do you have any vacancies or offer internships ?
At the moment we don't have any permanent full time paid vacancies (as at 30/05/13). However, we regularly take on keen graduates seeking work experience (Internships).

If you're a keen blogger and love writing news articles related to the vehicle industry, please drop us an email and fire across your CV to

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Can Guests chat with listing owners or other members on this site?
No, in order to chat with listing owners or other members on this site you will first need to register. After registering you will receive full access to this site and it's facilities.

However, guests can chat with other guests on the site.