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775bhp Lambo Aventador SV

775bhp Lambo Aventador SV

You probably know the Lamborghini Aventador SV, its 740bhp V12 engine and wild carbon fibre aerodynamic addenda. It’s not a car in need of attention from the supercar tuning industry.


But that’s never stopped it before. The Novitec Torado SV is an awesome piece of kit!


We’ll start with power. New engine electronics and the fitment of Novitec’s own, high performance exhaust system mean the 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 now produces 775bhp, a 35bhp climb on standard. Torque, meanwhile, climbs from 509 to 544lb ft.


While no performance figures are claimed, expect quicker stats from the SV’s already rapid 2.8-second 0-62mph sprint. Likewise, expect its top speed to top 220mph. A point at which all that carbon aero kit will suddenly make an awful lot of justifaction and sense.


That exhaust doesn’t just free up power. You’ve a choice of stainless steel or F1-inspired Inconel for its construction. The latter saving 21kg on standard. It also comes with actively controlled butterfly valves. In short, these open to allow more noise and Novitec even offers them with radio remote control.


There are more tweaks elsewhere. “Wheels are the legs of the car,” claims Novitec. It's made the SV’s legs more toned with new forged, centre-locking wheels courtesy of Vossen. They’ve been designed to mimic the Aventador’s extravagant tail light design and measure 20 inches at the front, 21 rear. By the way, you can have them in 72 different colours.


Accompanying them is a new suspension system which drops the already belly-scraping SV by 35mm.  Although the front-lift system is restored to give you a fighting chance of creeping it onto your driveway :-)


Finally, as you might have noticed, there’s a new bodykit. Given how bold the stock SV is it doesn’t instigate a wild character change but the new wing and side skirts are certainly hard to miss.


Our verdict,  it’s a finely judged thing as far as aftermarket supercars go. If you like the looks or the thought of extra noise but don’t fancy nearly 800bhp to deal with, you can pick and choose elements from the makeover separately.

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