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Vauxhall Adam Rocks (14 on) 1.4T Rocks S 3d

Vauxhall Adam Rocks (14 on) 1.4T Rocks S 3d

Currently we tend to make the predictable  combination of the 2 – particularly the Adam Rocks S. a curiously titled supermini with a 0.5 hot hatch, 0.5 rugged bike look. It doesn’t have any direct rivals, yet other, equally priced cars embrace the Ford fete ST, Peugeot 208 GTi and order 500X.

High value brings high level of normal instrumentation
The Rocks S sits right at the highest of the Adam's kin, which means there’s a generous vary of normal instrumentation, including:

Climate management
DAB radio
Bluetooth transportable property
Cruise management
18-inch gloss black alloy wheels
Uprated brakes
Sports suspension
Vauxhall OnStar – together with Wi-Fi, automatic crash response (the automobile sends a signal to the emergency services within the event of a crash), taken vehicle help and therefore the ability to unlock and find your automobile employing a smartphone

Our check automobile conjointly came with variety of curious (and pricey) elective extras. Not least of that area unit the preposterously big-ticket Recaro Sports Seats with black nappa animal skin (£1,620). Their shaping and style doesn’t suit all drivers and area within the back is reduced – and they create up 8 May 1945 of the complete price of the automobile. We'd avoid paying for these.

The Extreme Carbon Pack (£210), too, is tough to justify, solely adding carbon-effect door mirrors, front grille bar and rear-view mirror cowl.  

One addition we might select is that the £515 Technical Pack. This adds rear parking sensors and a seven.0-inch motion-picture show touchscreen permitting Apple CarPlay and golem machine to be used with the automobile.

Powerful engine on paper, dissapointing in point of fact
Powering the Adam Rocks S may be a one.4-litre turbocharged gas engine manufacturing 150hp and 220Nm of torque; enough to propel the pocket-sized supermini from 0-62mph in eight.5 seconds. cheap figures, nevertheless the Adam Rocks S ne'er feels that imperative to drive, the throttle response and power delivery blunter than the stats would counsel.

It’s still gratifying and therefore the exhaust makes a pleasant noise, nevertheless the same fete ST and 208 GTi area unit much better at enjoying the gaudy supermini card. Road tax, meanwhile, fits into band E (£130 annually in 2016/17) whereas Vauxhall claims a combined fuel economy figure of forty seven.9mpg.

Eager handling
The Adam Rocks S manages to string itself down a rustic road with spectacular lightsomeness. The automobile is fast to retort after you initial grow to be a bend, though the body lean may be a very little excessive once cornering laborious. Once again, it’s not up there with the category leaders however ought to still offer ample enjoyment for many drivers.

One factor that's value noting is that the domineering ride comfort over most of the Adam Rocks S’s contemporaries. Even with the sports suspension, there’s enough offer to supply a competent ride on most the worst surfaces.

Lacking in utility
Open the boot and therefore the Adam Rocks S’s baggage capability is disappointingly tight. With the rear seats in situ there’s a hundred and seventy metric capacity unit of area to play with – a hundred and twenty litres but the fete ST and a full a hundred and eighty litres but the order five hundred X. a comparatively high and slim gap conjointly create it laborious to load awkwardly-shaped objects too.

Space within the back seats isn’t particularly generous either because of the chunky Recaro seats, and folding them forward to change access to the rear may be a needlessly tough task - the seats themselves area unit relucant to slip forward,especially if you are doing it from the rear. 

The Vauxhall Adam Rocks S isn’t a foul automobile, yet, sadly, it fails to surpass in any specific space. The boot and area within the back is just too little for it to be a sensible supermini, whereas it’s not fast or sharp enough to be a correct hot hatch.

Add this list of issues to the absurd £19,355 beginning value and therefore the Adam Rocks S makes very little sense. Note that such a value doesn’t embrace automatic headlights, sat-nav or parking sensors. those that desire a fun hot hatch ought to examine a equally priced Ford fete ST, and for a raised-up, sensible little hatchback you are at an advantage choosing a order 500X.

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